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Meeting Basic
Necessities of Life.

Our mission is to provide support youth, K-12,to underserved and minority youth; empowering and equipping them with 21st century skills & tools to succeed. We change the trajectory of lives through the power of education.

Our primary focus is to change the lives of youth through the power of Education.


Tech For Kids is a unique, hands-on, STEM/Computer Science program which we delivery to youth in-person and virtually.​​

Our Area Of Focus

Necessities for Children primarily focuses on providing children quality STEM/Computer Science Education; ensuring that we can enable children to achieve their full potential for college and career readiness


Children are inspired by our fun activities, which require teamwork and include hands-on learning, problem-solving skills, and computational thinking (think like a computer). We incorporate ergonomics for short-to-long-term health and optimizing learning. We provide a bridge to the real-life application of tech skills through interactive, innovative project-based classes. The outcomes for children include computational and digital literacy.

Tech For Youth

Rather than shun screen time, we make it fun and productive through encouraging youth to “make” games, rather than just “play" them.  Mobile coding and computer science classes to engage and inspire youth; providing them critical skills for college and career success.  Tech for Kids includes four programs: Rocket Launch, Drone Design, Cyber Safety and Security, and 'unplugged' coding.


Steps To Success


Engage qualified and compassionate trainers


​Organize community support and volunteers


Mobilize corporate volunteer engagement and coordinate co-training events

Monitor and assess the results of the programs funded


Provide transparency of outcomes and fund allocation

Kids Reading Book in Park