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Health & Well-being In the Community: 5 Youth Receive New Custom Bikes, Helmets & Locks

As many of us know, few things in life compare to the pure, simple fun and enjoyment of riding a bike. Tae, Geovanni, Alexis, Orion and Kiara each received a customized bike, helmet, lock last week; in a special presentation from individual teams who'd assembled them. Encouraging children to ride a bike while they're young helps to establish healthy exercise habits that are likely to stay with them for life. Tae is most excited to explore on his new bike! Geovanni and Kiara are most excited to ride their new bikes home from school.

Active school transport, such as by walking or biking, increases physical activity levels, which has health and academic benefits for children. Several studies show that kids who bike to school are more alert and ready to learn than those kids who travel by car.

As a result of this gift which keeps on giving, Geovanni, Tae, Kayla, Orion and Alexis will each benefit in more ways than one. It’s through corporate, community and individual support that together, we continue to make a lifetime impact in the lives of youth.

Thank you to Health Trust Workforce Solutions for your gift. We appreciate the opportunity to work in partnership for the health of youth in our community.

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