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Our Board Members

Necessities for Children's board of directors leads programs toward the ability to make better-informed decisions that improve quality outcomes. Data drives strategic decisions within our agency and informs changes and improvements to our programs.

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Founder & President

"After a mission trip to Africa in the early 2000s, I came to realize, that without education and the basic needs of life, children will never have the opportunity to succeed. 

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Sarah deBoer-Hjort

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Founder & President

Sarah is a skilled and dedicated sales and marketing executive with experience working for corporate companies in Canada and the United States. Sarah’s heart and passion are to serve children in need of a helping hand. While growing up, she was interested in nonprofits and helping others, even co-founding the Three Musketeers Club with her twin sister and her cousin before turning ten years old.  In 2010, she joined the board of Specialty Advertising Association of California (SAAC) where she served for five years and was elected President in 2013.  In 2011, Sarah had an opportunity to go to Africa as part of a medical team.  This experience changed her life forever and she recommitted to starting a nonprofit, impacting vulnerable children globally by providing necessities to live and grow.  She earned ESL CELTA certification (teacher of English as a Second Language), became an Ambassador for Mully Children’s Family (MCF). and completed a 10-week teaching internship at MCF in Kenya; feeding her burning desire to impact struggling youth.  


Lorraine Brennan O’Neil, ESQ. 


A true entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of 10 Minute Manicure, a start-up company selected by INC Magazine as one of the five best startups of the year 2000. Under Lorraine, :10 Minute Manicure expanded to the world's busiest airports across the US and Canada, Wal-Mart and the Hudson Bay Company. Senior Business Development Executive with a proven track record of success. Founded, executed, and built an international company. Leader/Manager of over 100 team members with excellence in interpersonal/communication skills. Expert in locating/representing cutting edge business concepts and collaborating with airport executives worldwide on successful concession programs. Skilled in relationship development, project management, human resources, designing, organizing, opening store locations across the United States and Canada. Experienced trial attorney. 

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Lee Goldberg, ESQ.


Lee Goldberg has been affiliated professionally and socially with many of the board members for over 10 years.  Lee is a native of the Bronx, New York, has been a practicing attorney since 1986, and is a founding member of the Law Offices of Lee R Goldberg in Laguna Hills, California. He founded Epic Fabrics in 2016, a fabric and notions company formed in 2016 exclusively with quilters in mind. Lee has a heart of gold, providing critical legal insight and experience as we seek to impact the lives of children globally.

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Jill Tallman 

Treasurer, Finance Director

Jill Tallman has been a business owner since 1997 and has many years of business and volunteer experience. She is a networking queen with contacts in many industries and positions. Her business, Innovation Products, was certified as a Women’s Owned Business about 2 1/2 years ago. Jill has volunteered throughout the years for many organizations as her time and resources permitted including CHOC Children’s Hospital, Women Helping Women, Junior League (fundraising committee), and Pens for Kids just to name a few.

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Board Member

Anil Chandwani

Board Member

Anil Chandwani is a born entrepreneur and mentor; passionate about helping others, teaching and making a difference in those around him. Chandwani leads by example and encourages others to reach for their full potential. In fact, it was a question Anil posed to Sarah deBoer that started Necessities for Children Foundation.  Throughout the years, Anil has listened, encouraged and provided essential guidance as NCF was formed and established. With over 24 years of experience as a meditation mentor, serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and a clinical hypnotherapist, Anil possesses unique skills in his ability to bridge meditation with money and the marketplace. He is part of the OSHO International Management team; offering among the largest personal growth and meditation centers in the world.  

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